Insights from Experts: Brian Spoerl on Healthcare at the CREJ Conference & Expo


Brian Spoerl, Director, Health Care Real Estate Development
Years with Opus:
Event: 2018 Healthcare Care & Medical Office Buildings Conference & Expo (Colorado Real Estate Journal)
Panelists: Andrew Shearer, Managing Director of Real Estate Development – COO, Development Solutions Group, LLC; Tom Hulme, Vice President of Development & Leasing, HCP; Joseph Fogarty, Vice President, Investments, Healthcare Realty; Michelle Brokaw, Chief Executive Office, Fleisher Smyth Brokaw

Key Points from the Panel

  • We’re seeing—and will continue to see—consolidation of services into fully-integrated clinics, and health systems will rebalance services on and off campus.
  • The retailization of healthcare involves a lot of organizations—everything from Walmart, Walgreens and CVS, to free-standing emergency departments and insurance sponsored express clinics. It’s about easy access, high visibility and consumer convenience and lowering costs and providing a better patient experience.
  • The consolidation of medical practices is being financed by large private equity groups that are rolling up physician practice management models in orthopedics, dental, dermatology, ASCs ophthalmology, pain management, behavioral health and more. There are also partnerships to combine expertise, leverage brand and maximize reimbursement.
  • There are opportunities going forward to improve healthcare access and convenience at a lower cost.