Day in the Life: Associate Project Manager Kevin Cunningham

​“The best parts of being an Associate Project Manager at Opus is the variety of tasks that you're asked to do on a day to day basis," said Kevin Cunningham, Associate Project Manager. “Your day-to-day job is always something a little different and at the same time familiar. You are in an environment where you're allowed a lot of leeway but you get enough guidance where you always feel as if you're doing a good job."

Kevin joined Opus in 2015 after graduating from the University of Minnesota. As an Associate Project Manager, Kevin assists the project management team with large, complex and high-profile projects. He develops project scope and schedule, estimates project costs and executes project processes from project conception to activation.

“The culture of Opus is very collaborative. Being able to run down the stairs from the Construction Department into the Design Department and ask a question is a luxury that very few other General Contractors have. The collaborative non adversarial relationship where everyone is trying to pull in the same direction to get a job done is one of the best parts of working here."

“In my role at Opus I get the opportunity to see a lot of projects from start to finish sometimes even long before the start. At a lot of General Contractors you find yourself being pushed into a role where you're an estimator for a few years and then you start managing projects. One of the best parts of working at Opus has been the variety of projects I've gotten to work on. When I was an intern I worked on an industrial building. Right as I had started full time I worked on a school and church historic renovation. I just wrapped up a 30-story post-tension concrete apartment tower and now I'm working on a stick-frame project."

Watch the video to find out how Kevin is building more at Opus!

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