Day in the Life: Project Architect Lisa Billing

​“The greatest satisfaction and pride from my work comes from seeing the client's reaction to the space when they walk in after its completion," said Lisa Billing, Project Architect. “At that time you see all the hard work, all the collaboration, all the challenges that you work through as a team come together and be a successful solution for the client."

Lisa has been a member of our architecture group for more than 11 years. She leads projects from design development through construction documentation and permitting, before wrapping the project up with construction administration. Project architecture provides her with a huge variety of tasks: “One day we might be reviewing shop drawings and other days modeling and figuring out a complex stair. I work with the city, our consultants, our inside design team, our construction groups upstairs."

“Our culture is innovative so we aren't doing things exactly the same way we were when I started 12 years ago. We're continuing to improve and change the way we do things," Lisa continues. “We're always continuing to improve our processes and I think that helps our clients."

Watch the video to find out how Lisa is building more at Opus!