Ewa Banasikowski Receives Świadek Historii Award


​While we are designing and building structures at Opus, many of our associates are doing some building of their own by strengthening the communities where we live and work. One such employee is Ewa Banasikowski, project captain in Engineering for Opus AE Group, L.L.C.

When she’s not at work supervising and preparing structural drawings for our projects, Ewa is working tirelessly to preserve something very near and dear to her heart – Polish culture and history here in the U.S. Recently her efforts were recognized by the Polish government when she traveled to Warsaw, Poland, to receive the Świadek Historii award, also known as the “Witness History” award.

The Świadek Historii is awarded by Poland’s Institute of National Remembrance to those who enthusiastically promote Polish history in communities outside of Poland. The supporting patron of the award is Andrzej Duda, president of Poland. Forty people were nominated for the award, and only seven were chosen to receive it. Award winners were from the United States, Russia, Belarus, Lithuania, Holland and Republic of South Africa.

Ewa received the award for her dedication to promoting Polish history in Minnesota. She has touched many children’s lives teaching Polish at the A. Mickiewicz Polish Saturday School in Minneapolis for 18 years and played a key role in coordinating the Jan Karski exhibit titled “The World Knew” at the Minnesota State Capital in 2014. A diplomat and officer for Polish Secret State during World War II, Jan Karski was the first man to provide eye-witness accounts of the Holocaust to the leaders of the Free World. For his heroism, President Barack Obama awarded him a posthumous Presidential Medal of Freedom, and Poland proclaimed 2014 the “Year of Karski,” honoring the patriot.

In November 2015, Banasikowski received her award. The ceremony was held at the Lazienki Palace in Warsaw. Dignitaries from government, educational and church organizations were in attendance, as well as other officials specializing in topics of Polish history.

Join us in congratulating Ewa on this honor!