More than a Toolshed


​What is the Opus Warehouse? This question is asked by many, even those roaming the Opus halls. No, it’s not a new project we’re bidding, and no, it’s not under construction in a new market.

The Opus Warehouse, also commonly known as the Eagan shop, is home to tools, equipment and miscellaneous materials for job sites around Minneapolis.

Located on 5 acres in Eagan, Minn. and consisting of two separate buildings, the original construction of the facility was performed in 1969 when Opus was still Rauenhorst Corporation.

So What’s Inside?

Everything that cannot handle the elements is stored inside the two buildings at the shop. This includes equipment with motors, concrete forming system components, generators, small hand tools, consumables (nails, screws, bits, etc.), trowels and even office furniture. All other materials and equipment are stored outside in the yard.

The main building at the shop serves as office space for Field Coordinator Lou Jirik, Associate Project Manager of Self-Performed Work Jack McGrath and Warehouse & Equipment Administrator Randy Vath. Other Opus field employees come and go on a regular basis to pick up tools and materials they need for projects currently under construction.

Bringing Value to Clients

The facility serves a great function for not only Opus employees working on job sites but also provides value to clients. With the one-stop-shop, we’re able to provide clients a great deal of efficiency and coordination. We don’t have to run around town to gather various tools and materials and can spend more time on job sites executing projects.

Operating the Shop

A small but mighty team operates the shop! Randy Vath runs the warehouse and equipment operations; Jim Donahue is the truck driver and laborer; Jim Dushane is a full-time mechanic and Dean Myran is our warehouse and equipment assistant.

Each day, the team works to fill orders as they come in and load them on the truck, which usually makes one or two deliveries a day. Our team also conducts quality control as every item returns to the warehouse – they must be inspected to ensure everything is in good working condition.

The Opus Warehouse is quite the sight to be seen, especially to those who never knew it existed and you’ll be surprise what you might find inside!