Opus Healthcare® Delivers with National Expertise


​The healthcare market is strong and growing with U.S. healthcare expenditures 17.8% of our GDP and a projection for that to grow to 19.9% by 2025. There are many shifts in healthcare that we're prepared to address, including:

  • With retailers integrating clinics into existing stores, providers are seeking locations that will increase their target populations' convenience, including convenient locations with plenty of parking, brand visibility and flexible hours. Consumers have choices on where they receive healthcare services.  
  • Trends in healthcare include an integrated clinic approach with primary care, specialties, diagnostics, lab, pharmacy, urgent care and food or coffee under one roof. There's also a strong focus on patient experience that can be seen in multiple areas including self-rooming clinics via RFID, open and bright.

With expanding insurance coverage, an aging population and a change in healthcare delivery to focus more on outpatient care, Opus Healthcare® is poised to deliver on a national scale healthcare facilities that are functionally efficient, affordable and located on sites that offer immediate access, brand visibility and community connection. Our fully-integrated design-build model with in-house experts in development, design and construction allows for speed to market and helps minimize costs associated with developing and constructing a new building.

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