Opus Differentiates with End-to-End Development Services


At Opus, we are integrated care for healthcare real estate. Our multidisciplinary team of experts collaborates to manage every step of the real estate process from beginning to end, so our healthcare clients can focus on what they do best – delivering effective and efficient patient care.

Throughout the process, we manage risk for our clients, maximizing value and certainty of outcome with a keen focus on the ultimate goal – better health. We make it simple for clients by providing one main point of contact who manages every detail of the project, starting with the development process, all the way to completion. We’re providing transformative real estate solutions to improve patient health, provider value and the total care experience.

First and foremost, development is critical to the success of any real estate undertaking. We are the foremost single-source provider of end-to-end development services, making us unique within the healthcare real estate industry. By employing our own in-house experts to manage all aspects of the development process start to finish, clients benefit from faster completion, reduced cost and best total value. With combined experience of more than 130 years, they provide unmatched expertise in financing, entitlements and due diligence, and with a seamless evolution to architecture, engineering and construction that follows.

Our extensive financing experience across a wide range of project types and access to various debt and equity capital sources helps clients quickly establish the most efficient and cost-effective project capitalization tailored to their specific needs.

Site due diligence and entitlements are also a major factor with respect to the viability and value of healthcare facilities. We are experienced in leading our clients through site due diligence, including land use analysis and zoning; environmental review and remediation; geotechnical analysis; on- and off-site infrastructure; title, survey, easements, platting and subdivision; traffic analysis and masterplanning. Our team of experts leads you and helps you successfully navigate this complex process that often involves multiple approvals from multiple regulatory jurisdictions. On behalf of our clients, our in-house development experts work closely with community and city leaders to negotiate and secure all necessary entitlements and approvals.

With decades of experience and deep knowledge of real estate, we understand the healthcare industry is an evolving landscape that demands greater efficiency, innovation and increased flexibility. Every healthcare client has unique real estate challenges, and our development process delivers differentiated real estate solutions that uniquely enable improved patient health and better total care.