Our Story: Opus Healthcare® Launches


​The health care system is rapidly evolving. Financial models are changing, the patient requirements have become more stringent and new models of delivering care are emerging. And as health systems strive to improve patient outcomes and reduce costs in this shifting market, we believe their properties must evolve as well. That’s why we’re entering the healthcare space, providing strategically-positioned real estate opportunities, ambulatory solutions and repositioned and repurposed delivery systems.

Our Vision

Today we’re seeing an increased need for patient-centric facilities, and we expect to see that continue to rise. Healthcare providers want more flexible and dynamic structures, ones that are safer and more energy efficient. They want a space that can meet the changing needs of their patients and support their operation as it adjusts to industry changes.

As hospitals and health systems work to meet those needs and improve the health of their populations, we're doing our part to reimagine their real estate for better health. We see healthcare systems moving past the conventional idea of hospitals, and expanding ambulatory care into clinics, retail spaces, mobile units and smart homes. These spaces need to be well equipped to support the health needs of individuals over the course of their lives. They should have the flexibility to adapt as care delivery and patient needs evolve.

Our Assumption of Risk

At Opus, we have a proven track record of developing, designing and delivering efficient and specialized communities. We recognize that healthcare organizations are facing multiple kinds of risk. We have found innovative ways to help alleviate the risk. We’re structured to assume risk on our client’s behalf and are unique in this ability. Collaborating with us allows providers to advance their real estate initiatives even in today’s environment and continue to focus on what they do best – providing great care for their patients.

Our Process

We know each health organization has unique needs and we have structured our process to be highly collaborative and to include all stakeholders. Our innovative building techniques can help lower health system costs as well as improve providers’ opportunities to extend care into their communities. We believe we can help health systems leverage their real estate assets to drive growth, sustain their competitive advantage and improve the health of their patient populations.

Our Team

In addition to our in-house team with expertise in development, financing and construction project management, our team includes strategic relationships with JE Dunn Construction Company and CannonDesign on major healthcare projects. Together, our team possesses a vast amount of experience across the real estate spectrum, and we’re prepared to take on any healthcare project.

At Opus Healthcare, we’re ready to make a difference and reimagine real estate for better health.