Opus Healthcare®

At Opus Healthcare, we know that as health systems strive to improve outcomes and reduce costs, their properties must also evolve – becoming more patient centric and efficient. New and aging facilities need to be flexible to streamline operations and respond to ever-evolving healthcare needs.

As providers work hard to improve the wellbeing of their populations, we see healthcare systems moving past hospitals to ambulatory solutions that are well equipped to support consumers through their health events and over the course of their lives.

Strategically Aligned to Deliver

With our fully integrated team, we are well positioned to work on any healthcare project. We manage financial risk; incorporate flexible, evidence-based design and implement innovative building techniques that decrease operational costs.

Our multidisciplinary team is experienced in retail, healthcare and workplace environments and possesses deep expertise in development, strategy, construction, financing, research, architecture and health-system branded interior design. Using that expertise, we provide strategically-positioned real estate opportunities, ambulatory solutions and repositioned and repurposed facility delivery systems for diverse clients.

Our team looks beyond current health and wellness ideas and population disbursement to create safe, simple and holistic facilities that attract, maintain and respond to how people make healthcare choices. Experienced in fast-tracked entitlements, development, design and construction, we are your ideal partner. With our team managing risk and real estate, health systems can focus on what really matters – providing holistic care for ever-evolving patient populations. Learn More

Experience Beyond Real Estate

Our experience in strengthening health systems extends beyond real estate development and construction. Our founder was committed to applying entrepreneurial solutions to today's healthcare needs. Through private philanthropy, he funded innovation and research across the country, and his family foundation continues to fund breakthrough health research to this day. Learn More

[White Paper] Delivering Value Through Innovation in an Ever-Changing Industry: Opus Healthcare®

In recent years, the healthcare industry has shifted into a rapidly changing, constantly evolving landscape. Sweeping changes and a dynamic future require new ways of thinking, increased flexibility and functionality, and greater efficiency – all without sacrificing innovation. The stakes have never been higher for healthcare systems and providers as they reevaluate their operations and facilities to ensure long-term success. Read More