Delivering Health Center Space for Traditional and Non-Traditional Health Services

​Columbia St. Mary’s Gateway Health Center provides a number of specialties, including allergy, chiropractic care, radiology, psychiatry and more. Designed to provide both traditional and non-traditional health services, the facility includes 15 exam rooms, procedure rooms, imaging, full-service laboratory facilities, rehabilitation services and a GI/GU surgical suite. Additional spaces were created for yoga, massage therapy and acupuncture.

Creating a Comfortable Healing Environment

The geometry of the exterior design incorporates familiar residential forms to convey a comfortable non-institutional feel for patients coming for treatment. This building also reinforces the design theme established on a previous Columbia St. Mary’s facility, creating a recognizable feel throughout the community.

The interior was designed to convey a healing environment with sky-lit patient waiting areas in the center of the building and gardens visible on the ends. The layout of the building creates a short walk to exam rooms, supporting care facilities and outdoor spaces while making the operation of the facility the most efficient possible.

Built to Accommodate Expansion

The building provided expansion capabilities for additional practices internally as well as expansions on either end of the clinic for a total of 46,500 square feet.