A hard hat with The Opus Group on the front with a badge over the image that says Safety First.

Promoting a Safety First Culture

At Opus, safety is both a priority and a value. Promoting a safe environment is an essential part of our corporate culture — the safety of people and our jobsites and workspaces is top of mind through all levels of our organization. We value the safety of everyone who comes into contact with our work and our associates.

While safety is the responsibility of every associate, we also have an Operations Team and Facilities Team that help support worker health and safety across all jobsites and offices.

Our Proactive Commitment to Safety on the Jobsite

We believe we make the greatest impact by talking about, reinforcing and supporting safety over time. Safety then becomes the result of doing things consistently every day and maintaining focus on the jobsite.

Whenever possible, we look for ways to work with the government authorities responsible for enforcing safety. We look for opportunities to participate in consultation programs with them, which is why we were the first organization with Minnesota Safety and Health Achievement Recognition Program (MNSHARP) certification and the first with multiple certifications. This is an intentional and strategic collaboration to support jobsite safety.

Maintaining a safe jobsite also depends on everyone knowing and understanding safe work practices. We employ subcontractor standards and practices, a dedicated safety team and required training. We also bring in external safety consultants on every project to have a fresh set of eyes, creating more touches on the jobsite from a safety perspective. During high-risk work, these consultants visit more frequently.

The efficacy and strength of our safety programs are evidenced by several projects receiving MNSHARP certifications and a 10-year average insurance Experience Modification Rating (EMR) of 0.71, which is significantly better than the national industry average of 1.0. We understand that EMR is a lagging indicator, so we also track leading indicators on each project.

Continued Training for Safety Awareness

We are committed to providing ongoing safety training. Each jobsite superintendent completes OSHA 30-hour training, receives monthly refreshers and is encouraged to pursue additional safety-related training based on the jobsite’s specific needs. Our jobsite supervisors are also qualified and experienced in identifying and controlling hazards. Additionally, many associates beyond those who are required — including our own Executive Leadership Team — take OSHA 10-hour or 30-hour training. They do so to build their own safety awareness and aid in our jobsite practices.

Award-Winning Safety Program

Our safety program and jobsite safety record have been recognized by various industry organizations. The Medtronic Cardiac Rhythm Disease Management campus in Mounds View, Minn., received the first ever MNSHARP certification. Since then, we have received MNSHARP certifications for Excelsior Crossings, The Nic on Fifth, Xcel Energy @ 401 Nicollet, Oxbō Luxury Apartments, The Loden and Vesi North Loop Apartments.

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