Leading the Way with Sustainable Design

Environmentally responsible design begins with a passion and commitment to sustainability. Our team has Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) accredited professionals in every discipline, resulting in an integrated, sensible approach where green strategies are ingrained in the entire decision making process.

As a leader in sustainability, we are highly qualified in the design and construction of sustainable buildings. Our team's portfolio includes 17.2 million square feet of green projects, including 52 LEED certified buildings totaling over 15 million square feet.

The philosophy and stewardship that drives sustainable design is ethically and morally aligned with our way of doing business. We want to positively impact our communities and make them better today and for future generations. We are committed to sustainable design as a best practice in every project we undertake.

Best Practices Approach

We follow a best practices approach in which green strategies are ingrained in the entire decision-making process. We incorporate sustainable strategies into our building programs by focusing on five broad areas that canvas the development process:

  1. sustainable site planning
  2. safeguarding water & water efficiency
  3. energy efficiency & renewable energy
  4. conservation of materials and resources
  5. indoor environmental quality

Our Experienced LEED Accredited Team

Crossing multiple functions, our LEED accredited team brings vast knowledge of sustainability from architectural design to construction project management. Learn more about the members of our team:

Our Portfolio of Certified Space

We have a portfolio of 52 LEED certified projects, including 27 LEED Gold projects at 8.9 million square feet, 18 LEED Silver projects at 4.8 million square feet and 7 LEED Certified projects at 1.3 million square feet.

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