Adopting New Technology for Quieter & Safer Construction Sites


​We continually innovate not only to provide our clients even better experiences and buildings but also to make the construction job sites safer and more efficient.

When working in an occupied building, minimizing jobsite disruption and noise levels is paramount, especially for healthcare projects. When a Twin Cities-based healthcare system enlisted us to provide design-build tenant improvement services, we invested in a new tool that significantly reduces construction noise levels when fastening drywall framing members to concrete or steel. This was the first project to implement this technology in the Twin Cities.

Compared to traditional tools that use combustible propellants (powder-actuated cartridges) to shoot fasteners, the Hilti fastening tool is much quieter – about as loud as a staple gun – with the same power and productivity. As we construct the spaces our client needs within or adjacent to occupied spaces, we’re doing what is necessary to maintain an environment that’s as quiet as possible. In addition to much quieter operation on the jobsite, the tool produces less vibration and is safer to operate and more labor efficient than corded tools.

A significant innovation with a large impact, a tool that is safer, quieter, more labor efficient and creates less vibration is an ideal improvement, especially when working in an occupied healthcare space.