Challenge Accepted: Providing Solutions to Unique Development Problems


​The Challenge

Dennis Tice, owner of the popular Ann Arbor, Mich., Pizza House restaurant, wanted to undertake the challenging task of building a student housing complex on top of his current building. The project had a few more challenges in store when it became necessary to acquire the adjacent property to fulfill the devolopment plan.   

Our Solution

Tice found our team to be transparent, accountable and quick to solve problems. The team, including Tice, began working in close collaboration and decided the best option was to purchase the property next to the Pizza House and designed a building that was adjacent to and on top of the restaurant. We provided the skill and expertise needed to guide the new project through the city’s entitlement process.     

Client Response

“I was comfortable with Opus from the get-go. They treated me as a partner and told me exactly what they were planning to do, counseled me through each step and made sure I had what I needed. I felt like we were working for the same company.”

Dennis Tice
Pizza House Restaurant