Happy Holidays & Cheers to a Bright Year

Happy holidays and cheers to a bright year ahead!

This season, we are especially grateful for your partnership, your support, and the opportunity to work together to build an even brighter future for all our communities. Thank you.

We wish you a joyful holiday season and a bright, happy new year!

With this year's holiday card, we shine a light on the Indianapolis, Ind., nonprofit St. Mary's Early Childhood Center, past winner of the Gerry Rauenhorst Building Community Award.

St. Mary's Early Childhood Center's mission is based on the premise that all the children they serve are inherently competent, capable, and strong. St. Mary's Early Childhood Center:

  • integrates highly-effective professional educators with a proven learning philosophy
  • uses qualitative measures to show impact
  • impacts preschool children in poverty — who are at life and learning risk — with the highest quality cognitive, creative, social, physical, and emotional learning experiences that will transition into a foundation for lifelong success
  • is accountable to the children and families served, stakeholders and contributors, and the early childhood learning community
Visit www.stmarysecc.org to learn more about St. Mary's Early Childhood Center and the bright futures they are supporting throughout their community.

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