Key Components of Design-Build Model Lead to Continued Success


​Our unique design-build process has helped us deliver many clients’ visions. Recently, three keys of the process helped us meet The Gavilon Group’s goals and vision in Omaha, Neb.


Our ability to be flexible to adjust design and/or pricing quickly helped us when working with Gavilon. While finalizing schematic design and the lease agreement, we worked to evaluate numerous combinations of office and parking levels as well as various floor plate modifications to increase or decrease rentable square footage depending on the final number of stories selected by Gavilon. Our ability to provide quick turnaround on pricing and schematic design options during the development and execution of the lease allowed Gavilon to maintain flexibility as they were finalizing their vision for the future of the company, ultimately maximizing the value and function of their headquarters for the future of their organization. 


We provide clients with one point of contact who maintains a connection with the client and responds to their needs. Working with Gavilon, we were able to use this process to get info back to them quickly, whether it dealt with architecture, construction or development-related concerns. This prompt response allowed Gavilon to make decisions on time and allowed us to meet a hard deadline.


We may not have an office in Omaha, but our unique structure (here and here) allowed us to have team members on the ground working with Gavilon. Associates from Milwaukee, Minneapolis, Des Moines and Denver all collaborated on this project to deliver Gavilon’s vision.

As we move on to new projects, we always apply what we’ve learned in previous projects to continue to improve our process and provide the best service to clients. Successfully completing this build-to-suit office for Gavilon provided us with the ability to respond to unique challenges and further refine our process.

To learn more about our unique design-build approach, see the infographics on Our Expertise page or read The Right Experts in Any Location and How Our Structure Allows us to Respond to Clients’ Needs on our blog.