Our Mission at Work: Driven to Deliver Renovated Worship & Education Spaces for Ascension Church


With a facility built in 1901, Ascension Church wanted to update their worship and education spaces to make them more efficient and appealing to its congregation, students, staff and faculty. They chose our experienced Client Direct Services team for this important work.

We began work on two overlapping phases in January 2016 and finished that November. Along the way, we treated the buildings as if they were our own, respecting their importance and Ascension’s needs and operations throughout the project. For us, committing to Ascension’s project meant fully committing to their mission and goals.

“Opus has an understanding of and a shared commitment to our mission and the people we serve. It really comes out of a sense of charity and justice. And oftentimes we don’t think of businesses as living those values. But in our setting I saw Opus live those values. They were committed to meeting the deadline which for us was really important. I mean it was teachers back in the building without a day to spare. They made it. They didn’t bring any of the stress of making that all happen to me. They were kind. They were responsive. They didn’t get tired of my asking questions. They didn’t get tired of explaining things to me. They did it with graciousness all the way through. I said to them, ‘You’ve now shared your gifts with our mission. You may see it as a building that you fixed. But now you’re part of us and part of our mission.’”

Patty Stromen
Church Administration
Ascension Church & School
Client Direct Services Renovation


Our clients are at the core of everything we do. We are inspired by your mission to deliver on ours and committed to bringing unparalleled value throughout the entire experience so we can not only earn your business in the short term but earn your trust in the long term.

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