Our Mission at Work: Driven to Deliver a Corporate HQ & Showroom for MC Machinery

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With strong business at MC Machinery Systems Inc., the company’s workforce was expanding and on the brink of outgrowing their facility in suburban Illinois. With an eye to the future, MC Machinery turned to us for a new facility to meet the specific needs of their business operations and provide a better customer experience.

The new facility will allow MC Machinery to further expand its capabilities and service a diverse range of industries, including automotive, aerospace, energy, medical, military/defense, agriculture and more.

“Our main motivator to build a new headquarters was our employees and customers. We wanted to provide them a new state-of-the-art place to come to work to everyday with updated technological resources that enable us to better serve our customers. We are beyond pleased with how Opus made this vision a reality.”

Patrick Simon
Senior Marketing Manager
MC Machinery
Corporate HQ & Showroom
Industrial/Office Build-to-Suit

Our clients are at the core of everything we do. We are inspired by your mission to deliver on ours and committed to bringing unparalleled value throughout the entire experience so we can not only earn your business in the short term but earn your trust in the long term.

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Watch the video above to see a flyover of MC Machinery’s new facility.