School is Out, but Opus is in Session at Campuses Across the Midwest

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​Strong absorption rates in the student housing sector and an increased demand for new and unique residential housing options are contributing to new construction in university communities across the country. With an expertise in this sector, our teams of professionals are hard at work constructing five mixed-use, high-quality student housing projects at universities in Minneapolis; Milwaukee and Madison, Wisc.; Ann Arbor, Mich.; and Ames, Iowa.

Evolving student needs are driving the current trend for new student housing projects. Students prioritize location, amenities, convenience and safety more than ever before. When starting a project, we look for ideal site locations within blocks of campus and in walkable areas for easy access to campus resources. Since many large universities are located in iconic college towns, our team designs projects that pair well with the area’s aesthetics and respect historic neighborhoods. The Venue at Dinkytown near the University of Minnesota includes setbacks to preserve the pedestrian sidewalks of the surrounding neighborhood and businesses.

Perhaps the biggest draw for students is the quality and range of amenities. From in-unit washers and dryers to fitness centers and yoga studios, study rooms, computer labs and heated parking, students have an option to live in an environment that serves all their needs. Additionally, ground-level retail can provide students with dining options or convenient shopping within the building.

Working with no Geographical Boundaries

Because we are organized by discipline rather than geography, we provide the strongest team of experts for any student housing project. For example our project team on ArborBLU in Michigan includes developers and project managers from our Chicago and Milwaukee offices. Our Minneapolis-based structural engineering team provided needed expertise to build on top of the existing Pizza House restaurant. 

With our deep experience in the residential sector, we can identify ideal locations near universities, create designs that serve students well while supporting their academic needs and deliver projects on time for the start of an academic school year.