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[White Paper] The Value of Real Estate in Providing Better, More Efficient Healthcare

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Providing the right facilities may appear to be a massive task to many health care professionals already adjusting their care delivery model, but it can also be key to taking a confident step toward success. By making smart site planning, architectural and interior design and construction decisions, health systems can increase the efficiency and quality of care provided. Read our white paper to learn the six important concepts savvy health care executives should consider in the real estate process. Read More

[White Paper] Opus DB3™ Approach Enhances Value and Efficiency

Iowa State University Residence Hall

Whether expanding for growth, optimizing efficiencies or creating an inspiring environment, every building project starts with a unique purpose. The design and build process you choose will have a significant impact on how accurately and efficiently your vision comes to life. The Opus DB3™ project delivery method was developed to help clients achieve greater value, within any budget, by maximizing quality, efficiency, and aesthetics to achieve their goals. Opus DB3 is a truly integrated design-build approach unlike no other. Read More