[White Paper]: The Opus Advantage: In-House Expertise

​With the steadfast shift in our marketplace from industrial to knowledge-based, the old adage “knowledge is power" has never been more relevant. A recent study by Talent Growth Advisors concluded that 88% of an average company's value is now a direct result of the brainpower of its people. With an in-house team of multidisciplinary experts, we definitely agree with this conclusion.

With a wide breadth of experience in development, design, construction and business partner services, our in-house team is comprised of experts with long tenures of up to 30+ years and young, progressive professionals. This mix is critical to our ability to deliver projects across the country, regardless of size or type. Chief among our expertise are unique capabilities that allow us to truly deliver for you, including deep expertise in capital markets, environmental remediation and safety. 

Capital Markets: Tapping a Stable of Partners, Structuring Financing Quickly

Structuring the financing is one facet of success among many in every project. With in-house capital markets expertise and resources, we can get involved early in the project's predevelopment phase, understanding the nuances of the project in order to deliver clients faster, more seamless execution that is tailored to the specifics of the project. 

We recently developed an industrial distribution center in a Midwest market with strong fundamentals and sought after by end users looking to strengthen their logistics and distribution network in the region. However, the site itself required substantial infrastructure and site work to make it suitable for development. Understanding the complex nature of the site work, as well as the evolving characteristics and demand drivers of the market, were critical to capitalizing the project with a joint venture equity partner and one of our existing construction lenders.  

A team effort and early involvement between our developers and capital markets experts was required to bring two capital partners onboard in a short amount of time prior to closing. Working as one team, we were able to quickly consolidate and prepare the necessary information for the partners to consider when evaluating the opportunity. 

Environmental Remediation: Site Clean Up Provides Certainty, Reduces Risk

By proactively assessing and managing the environmental risk during site development, we're able to maximize site utility and minimize exposure to liability. Unlike many other companies, we manage this process with in-house experts. 

Former operations at the site for The Marke of Elmhurst in suburban Chicago, Ill., included a dry cleaner and a service repair station. Redeveloping the property into a luxury, multifamily community required the excavation and disposal of a significant volume of contaminated soil and the installation of a vapor barrier to eliminate the potential for vapors coming into the completed building. In-house expertise meant we were able to assess the site conditions and create remediation and contingency plans early in the project, providing certainty of outcome and reducing the risk of construction delays. In addition, this level of expertise provided a means to navigate the state site remediation program to achieve site closure and to put other protective measures in place to mitigate future environmental risk for owners and occupants of the building.

Safety: Accident Prevention Through Design & Best Work Practices

Seventy-five years of combined expertise is just one thing that sets our safety team apart. 

Our safety team works under the philosophy of prevention through design and continuously seeks the best safe work practices. It starts with our mission and our values, where our commitment to keeping associates safe is demonstrated in words. But it goes beyond words and into actions. 

We integrate safe work practices beginning at the pre-planning construction phase and continuing through all phases of the project. Our safety team facilitates a safety mentality for all projects by encouraging regular safety discussions, building relationships and establishing mutual trust so that safety becomes integrated and valued by all. During construction, on-site orientation is required for all employees and subcontractors entering the jobsite. Orientation helps our employees and subcontractors become familiar with the potential hazards on the jobsite and helps establish a foundation for safety communication among the project owner or client, contractors and employees.

Our safety team has a combined 75 years of safety experience, several certificates from the Board of Safety Professionals and multiple degrees, and Andy Smoka, director of safety for Opus Design Build, L.L.C., is the only Master instructor in Minnesota for the Center for Research and Education (CPWR). He travels across the United States teaching OSHA classes and promoting safe work practices.


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