Our Mission and Values

Driven to exceed your expectations and empower your mission through the buildings we deliver.

The Opus Group® is a family of commercial real estate development, construction and design companies headquartered in Minneapolis with offices and projects across the country. At Opus, we state our mission in terms of our client's goals because they are at the center of everything we do: We are driven to exceed your expectations and empower your mission through the buildings we deliver. It's not just what we do, it's who we are. Our associates not only build buildings, they help inspire, create and deliver meaningful spaces within which people accomplish their goals. Each word in our mission statement was carefully selected to reflect our approach with our clients, as well as our strategic direction and goals. This mission, combined with our vision and values, serves as a guidepost for every member of our team to align our work and actions. We strive to achieve it and continuously improve upon the experience we deliver, each and every day. I invite you to experience the Opus mission at work.

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President & CEO

What We Do — Our Mission

Driven to exceed your expectations and empower your mission through the buildings we deliver. At Opus, we are an integrated team working together, inspired by your mission in order to deliver on ours. We are committed to collaborating to deliver on your vision, exceed your expectations and bring unparalleled value throughout your entire experience with Opus so that we can not only earn your business in the short term, but earn your trust for the long term. See our Mission at Work

How We Do It — Our Values

Our work to achieve our mission is guided each and every day by our core values, which extend from the rich history and tradition of our earlier companies dating back to 1953. We are committed to these values, and they inform our actions and also serve as a measure of our success. To us, how we do our work is just as important as what we deliver and achieve through our work. We take pride in holding ourselves accountable to these standards.

Safety — Promote and cultivate the safety of our associates, clients, partners and the general public at all times.

Respect — Treat all people fairly and equitably. Work collaboratively. Be good business partners.

Integrity — Do what we say we will. Be transparent. Follow through on commitments.

Innovation — Bring creative solutions. Seek to continuously improve in all that we do.

Entrepreneurship — Be agile, creative and strategic. Make good decisions, manage risk and be accountable.

Stewardship — Act responsibly in our work, with a focus on sustainability and philanthropy.

Executive Leadership

We are led by a diverse team of experts respected in their fields and directed by a Board of Directors comprised of industry experts and business leaders.

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President & CEO
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