Diversity Equity Inclusion

At Opus, we're Driven to Deliver. And we're driven by values that inform our actions and serve as a measure of our success.

Respect and stewardship are two of those values. We're committed to fostering a respectful, inclusive culture and to giving back to our communities to support better places to live, work, play and raise families — for everyone.

Three people representing different genders and races are grabbing from a stack of wooden cubed blocks on a table in front of them.

We believe every person brings unique perspective and value, and collectively can make our world and workplaces better. We're committed to fostering a welcoming culture and workplace that actively values diversity, equity and inclusion.

It's our aim to continue enhancing our culture by creating a safe, diverse and inclusive space for associates, clients and community partners as we honor the diversity of voices and experiences within our team.

Our Current DEI Efforts

Our DEI vision is to integrate diversity, equity and inclusion throughout Opus. We are taking meaningful actions on this journey.

DEI Champions

Open to all interested associates, our DEI Champions group provides ongoing DEI education, development, coaching and conversations in a safe environment. Along with two co-leaders from our Executive Leadership Team, we partner with external consultants to help lead and guide our Champion discussions.

Associate Resource and Engagement Groups

Associate Resource Groups (ARGs) are voluntary, associate-led collaborations that are formally supported by the organization. They are created based on similar identities, interests or backgrounds to provide opportunities to network, develop and create a more inclusive workplace.

External to Opus, these groups are commonly referred to as Employee Resource Groups or ERGs. As we are collectively referred to as associates, we refer to these as Associate Resources Groups. At Opus, we have existing ARGs and guidelines to empower associates to create and resource future groups.

Additionally, we support Associate Engagement Groups. While separate from ARGs, they provide associate engagement opportunities focused on specific priorities. For example, Opus GREENteam focuses on sustainability and wellness and Opus Volunteer Council focuses on volunteerism.

Associate Recruitment & Hiring

We have enhanced and expanded our recruitment and hiring process to extend our reach and engage talent outside of our traditional network. We're also working to expand access and exposure to opportunities within our industry, especially for individuals who may not otherwise have access. Our hiring process is grounded in best practices and our commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion. We are committed to continually evaluating, learning from and improving our hiring and onboarding experience.

Vendor Recruitment & Hiring

We're working to expand the diversity of our supply chain. This includes listening to underrepresented vendors and suppliers to understand how their organizations operate and identify how we can best work together. We're also looking at the processes, practices and technology we use to interact with our vendors to ensure they align with our intentions.

Policy & Practice Equity

It's our aim to regularly inspect and evolve our internal policies, programs and practices with a DEI lens to promote equity to ensure that they exemplify our values, enhance belonging, and promote equity.

Education & Culture Building

Education drives awareness which drives action. We're enhancing a culture of inclusion and belonging through thoughtful, ongoing education and development of all associates.

External Community Building

We have a long-standing commitment to philanthropy. Our DEI work includes continued and expanding participation in industry and community organizations to both learn and make meaningful impact. See how we're maximizing outcomes through collective impact and how the Opus Foundation is addressing racial equity.

We're proud of the work we are doing, and we have further to go. We're committed to the work this journey will require.

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