With Sustainability as a Strategy, Associates Create Council & GreenTeam


​“The only way forward, if we are going to improve the quality of the environment, is to get everybody involved." - Richard Rogers

Environmentally responsible design begins with a passion and commitment to sustainability. In 2014 our executive leadership team renewed our commitment to sustainability in our strategic plan and, subsequently, in our mission, vision and values

To reinforce this commitment and champion sustainability into the future, a group of associates from all areas of our organization formed the sustainability council to evaluate our current efforts and established goals for sustainability. Through the work of the sustainability council we expanded our definition of sustainability—Taking the long-term view of how our actions affect future generations and improves every dimension of how our business operates in the natural, social, cultural and economic environment—and created the GreenTeam. Acknowledging that we all have a role as a steward of sustainability, the GreenTeam is comprised of all of our fellow associates.

The GreenTeam is focusing on opportunities to implement sustainable practices as it relates to our business and delivery method including:

  • engaging and inspiring our fellow associates and clients
  • advancing technical expertise and best practices
  • acting responsibly towards the environment and
  • creating superior value in our buildings.
When many associates think about sustainability, we think about the design and construction of green buildings and sustainable certification of projects. We have successfully executed an impressive number of sustainable projects. However, we are expanding our focus and taking a more holistic approach. The result is the creation of five branches of sustainability at Opus: develop, design, build, education, and wellness and operations. Under these branches, associates will continue to champion sustainability at Opus, on our projects and in our communities. 

I'm very excited about the direction sustainability is going at Opus!

Learn more about Sustainability at Opus

Building and improving communities is what we do—both through what we do and how we do it. Learn more about our commitment to responsible stewardship and our 2017 philanthropic highlights and annual report.

As a leader in sustainability, we are highly qualified in the design and construction of sustainable buildings. Our team's portfolio includes 16 million square feet of green projects, including 46 LEED certified buildings totaling nearly 12 million square feet.

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