Christine Butterfield: Seasoned Property & Facilities Management Pro

“Opus truly cares about our associates' safety and wellbeing," said Christine Butterfield. “Employees who feel they are treated with respect turn around and treat your clients and partners with that same level of respect – and that's important."

With more than two decades of experience managing Opus-owned facilities and properties, Christine has seen this play out in every department and at every level within the company. 

In her current role as Director of Office and Facilities Management, Christine is responsible for overseeing facilities operations at Opus' Corporate Office in Minneapolis. With a team of four associates, she's responsible for space planning; building policies, procedures and practices; administrative support, including reception desk services and mail and package delivery; maintenance coordination; building amenities; emergency, safety, and security preparedness; and new associate onboarding, space planning and office moves. Christine also provides support to other Opus offices throughout the country and in 2023, plans to visit each office to put into place similar policies and practices.

The Spark that led to Real Estate

“When I was studying in college, I knew I wanted to do something in business but wasn't sure what," said Christine. “I was in a finance class when the Real Estate Association came to speak about their program. It sparked my interest, and that's where all of this started."

Christine earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Real Estate from St. Cloud State University. When she graduated, the Real Estate Association partnered with BOMA (Building Owners and Managers Association) to connect graduates with mentors in the field. Christine's mentor gave her a list of good real estate companies in the area.

“Naturally, Opus was on that list," Christine said.

That was 1999. Christine applied and was hired as Assistant Property Manager for Opus' property management company at the time. It wasn't long before she was promoted to Property Manager,  responsible for managing a variety of office and industrial buildings, including Opus' headquarters office.

In 2009, Opus sold its property management company to a local competitor. Christine went along with the sale and worked there as Property Manager for a year. She then accepted a position at another property management company where she managed Class C retail space in the northern suburbs.

“I quickly realized that wasn't for me and resigned the position," Christine said. “My kids were young, so I decided to stay home with them for a while. Until Opus called."

Opus offered Christine a part-time position managing the headquarters office and reception desk, which provided the work-life balance she needed with young kids at home. In the years that followed, Christine took on more and more responsibility, moving to full-time, growing the department and expanding her role. Today she manages a team of four people. 

Tangible Experience and Perspective

Christine has a unique background, having worked as an owner representative in property management for 10 years and in office and facilities management for 10 years.

“I think my previous experience in property management gives me perspective for managing facilities operations in completed buildings," she said. “I've gained an understanding of how buildings operate inside and out – everything from the systems that make the building perform like the structure, HVAC, plumbing and landscaping, to space planning and interior finishes."

Christine's deep knowledge has proven beneficial many times, including when building updates have been made. In 2016 she managed a complete building refresh and in 2018 a major update to the lower level, which involved construction and moving walls.

“There were a lot of moving parts to keep associates up and working during those projects, which included moving multiple departments from one location to another," she said. “It's rewarding when we can find ways to help make the working environment more enjoyable and efficient for our associates. The nature of my job exposes me to their various jobs and the tools they need to do them well. It can be really interesting."

“Christine really values the important role the work environment plays in overall associate experience at work, and she has been steadfastly committed to ensuring that we create and maintain spaces where associates are engaged, inspired and effective," said Kelli Justesen, Chief Human Resources Officer. “Her knowledge and expertise in building operations and facilities management have earned Christine the trust and appreciation of many throughout Opus as well as other building tenants."

Recently, Christine and her team completed installing new cubicles for associates, which brightened up workspaces and made them more ergonomically friendly. The fitness center was also updated.

“I've always enjoyed working at Opus," she said. “The people and the culture make it a really special place. Our mission and values aren't just words – they are a priority and are reflected in everything we do – from the decisions we make to the work we do."


After college, Christine earned a Real Property Administrator (RPA) designation from University of St. Thomas and she is currently studying to earn a Facility Management Professional (FMP) designation. She is a member of the International Facility Management Association and stays current on industry trends and topics by attending monthly meetings.

When she's not at work, Christine loves to grow flowers and tend to her garden in the summertime. She also enjoys hiking and traveling with her family.


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