Enforcing Fire Safety on the Job


​The video above shows a recent and dramatic construction fire in Texas. This made national news, and I am sure most people have seen it. 

One report stated, “a couple of guys were welding on the roof” of the wood-framed building. Events like this are a good reminder to our job supervisors currently building wood structures about fire protection and prevention. The following fire prevention techniques are used on our jobsites:

  • Stay diligent with cleanup and housekeeping.
  • Remove piles of flammable and combustible materials from the building on a regular schedule.
  • Do not store fuels (gas, diesel or propane) inside the structure
  • Inspect fire extinguishers on routinely to make sure they are working.
  • Hot work activities must be coordinated with job supervisors. During these activities, proper protection is used and a fire extinguisher must be in the immediate area.

At Opus, the safety of our associates and the general public is a priority on all of our projects. Promoting a safe work environment is an important part of our corporate culture.
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