Firefighter Training at Crossroads Provides Community, Safety Connection

Things are heating up at Crossroads I-70/I-75 Logistics Center in Union, Ohio.

A 213,063-square-foot speculative industrial building is currently under construction with a planned completion in June 2022. Two older homes were included in the purchase of the site. The structures would have eventually been demolished to make way for the multi-building development. Rather than let them go to waste, the team invited local fire departments to use the building for training.

In all, we welcomed nearly 80 firefighters from five agencies – Clayton, Englewood, Union, Vandalia and Butler Township – who were on site for five days and practiced on over 100 fires.

The firefighters conducted training of fire suppression, ventilation, search and rescue, scientific research on flow paths and heat acceleration and deceleration. They used different techniques and strategies to be more efficient and effective on actual house fires where victims may be trapped.

“This prepared us to be better or more knowledgeable at our job when our community needs us," said Brian Garver, Fire Chief for the City of Clayton.

“We follow a Safety First approach on our construction sites, and we also want to take care of the communities we work in," said Todd Davis, Senior Manager of Real Estate Development. “This was a great opportunity to combine both."


We aim to go beyond – not only by delighting our clients and the users of our buildings but also by caring for the communities where we build these projects. Read more about our impactful community partnerships. 

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