Developing & Building
Impactful Community Partnerships


Delivering Value to Clients, Partners & Communities

Whether a build-to-suit or a speculative project, we aim to deliver on the goals and maximize value for all stakeholders. Working closely with our clients, partners and the project community, including city officials and neighborhood groups, enables us to deliver a first-rate project that does just that.

Plus, we understand our projects are an extension of our clients' and partners' brands in the communities in which we work, so we place a priority on earning the respect of these communities and their leaders. We do this by:

  • developing and maintaining strong relationships
  • finding ways to actively demonstrate responsible stewardship
  • being a good representative of our clients' brands

We do all of this to establish an authentic community connection and ensure a warm welcome when you ultimately move into your new facility.

Components of Beneficial Community Partnerships

A good community partner...


We provide frequent updates about the project and its impact on the neighborhood.

Anticipates Needs

Using our deep real estate expertise, knowledge of the community and understanding of its goals, we anticipate and address needs before they arise.


We listen to the feedback from the community, get to the center of the need and use it to make the project better.


We work together to solve problems and deliver the best project for the site and community.


Communities receive certainty of outcome on our projects based on our track record of delivering successful projects.

Community Partnership in Action