Collaborating with the City to Transform the Core of Downtown


​The City of Minneapolis has big plans for Nicollet Mall. The Mall, which opened in 1968 as a traffic-free zone in downtown Minneapolis, was a popular attraction for many years until the 1980s when residential and retail interests shifted to the suburbs. In recent years, urban living and working has rebounded, and downtown Minneapolis is experiencing a resurgence of activity. The core of downtown Minneapolis, the City is leading an exciting initiative to redevelop and bring life to the 12-block Mall.

With a rich history and prominent role shaping downtown Minneapolis traditions, the iconic Nicollet Mall is evolving once again as a destination for living, working, attracting tourists and becoming a hub for what’s new and exciting in downtown Minneapolis. One of the City’s most important goals for the Mall is supporting pedestrian-friendly and transit-oriented development, as it offers transportation connectivity with the Mississippi riverfront, the booming east side and the North Loop.

Creating vibrant urban communities takes a mix of retail, residential and business development. And that’s exactly what’s happening on Nicollet Mall. It has long been a desirable place to do business with several prominent companies headquartered there, including Target, US Bancorp, Dorsey, Piper Jaffray and Xcel Energy. Now the Mall is also becoming a highly-desirable residential address for those who want upscale urban living, transforming it from a weekday business center, to a lively Mall buzzing with activity seven days a week.   

Collaborative Transformation

Working closely with the City of Minneapolis to execute their vision, we are a leading developer and key stakeholder in the transformation of the mall. To date, we have envisioned, planned and executed three major development projects on the Mall—Xcel Energy, The Nic on Fifth® and now 365 Nicollet. With more in the pipeline, we’re ensuring our projects not only reflect the City’s vision for the Mall, but also enhance it.

Whether our projects support demand for residential or business development, we place a high priority on enabling and enhancing the pedestrian experience on the Mall. This means allowing for more generous sidewalks by setting buildings back farther from the street. Whether our buildings are for living or working, we place emphasis on creating welcoming “store fronts” or spaces that encourage strolling, browsing, shopping and eating. These aspects of our developments are vital to creating community in downtown Minneapolis and will contribute significantly to the transformation of the Mall.

Nicollet Mall is truly the core or Main Street of downtown Minneapolis, and we are excited to bring our expertise to the initiative and support the City of Minneapolis’ vision.

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