30 Stories of 365 Nicollet

Bringing Downtown Minneapolis Living to New Heights

365 Nicollet, a 30-story mixed-use development, is taking luxury living to a whole new level in downtown Minneapolis. Follow along with the building's progress as we share insights into the development, design, construction, neighborhood and beyond in 30 stories.

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27th Story
We're excited to have plans underway that will continue our support of the revival of Nicollet Mall. Read coverage via Minneapolis-St. Paul Business Journal.
26th Story
The interior design and development of 365 Nicollet received awards from the Minnesota Real Estate Journal.
25th Story
Developed, designed and built by our team, ​365 Nicollet has been named a Top Project of 2018 by Twin Cities publication Finance & Commerce.
24th Story
365 Nicollet received an innovation in design credit for incorporating elements that promote non-motorized transportation. Click to see more sustainable features.
23rd Story
The luxury development on the iconic Nicollet Mall leveraged the design-build process for a successful delivery.
22nd Story
Transit-oriented developments (TOD) are creating convenient and sustainable communities.
21st Story
365 Nicollet is conveniently situated on the north end of Nicollet Mall with many nearby things to do, see and eat.
20th Story
Click to see the balconies and find out why they're lit on the edge.
19th Story
365 Nicollet features many unique luxurious amenities providing social, wellness and more for residents.
18th Story
With one team of in-house experts, we provide meaningful collaboration that yields many key benefits to clients and end users. Click to learn about the benefits.
17th Story
The interior design of 365 Nicollet is thoughtfully designed with pleasing and unique spaces.
16th Story
From concept to completion, 365 Nicollet has carried through details enhancing the Nicollet Mall experience, offering a unique living opportunity in the heart of downtown Minneapolis.
15th Story
365 Nicollet plays a role in and benefits from the transformed Nicollet Mall. With 365 Nicollet, we're taking luxury living to new heights in downtown Minneapolis—both figuratively and literally.
14th Story
The 30-story market-rate apartment building is located in the heart of downtown Minneapolis on Nicollet Mall.
13th Story
Click to read the Star Tribune's article that covers our history with the site and the development.
12th Story
Click to see the welcoming lobby space designed by our interiors team.
7th Story
Click to read facts and details about the building's construction to date.
6th Story
Click to see the 360 degree views from level 15 of 365 Nicollet.
2nd Story
Click to read our blog post on the groundbreaking and vision for 365.
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