365 Nicollet Achieves LEED Gold

​365 Nicollet has earned Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Gold Certification. Completed in October 2018, 365 Nicollet is a 30-story, mixed-use, high-rise project consisting of 370 luxury apartments units and 9,500 square feet of street level retail. Residents enjoy top-of-the-line amenities indoors and outdoors, including a spa and relaxation room; a sixth floor deck area with a hot tub, pool, cabanas and fire pits; and a 27th floor penthouse lounge. 

Sustainable and green features included:   

  • Public Transportation – The building is located within a ½ mile from 447 daily rides from the Minneapolis light rail and within a ½ mile from several bus stops that also have hundreds of daily ride options.    
  • Stormwater – 365 Nicollet achieved a 29% reduction of stormwater leaving the site during a 2 year/24 hour storm and 85% removal total suspended solids. This helps to reduce the flooding impacts on the Mississippi River and improve the quality of river water.
  • Recycled Materials – 21% of the material content used in the construction of the building were recycled.
  • Regional Materials – 24% of the materials used on the project were regionally sourced from within 500 miles of the project.
  • Maximize Open Space – 52% of the site footprint is vegetated or open space that is pedestrian orientated. This helps to improve the residents' connection with nature and provides areas for outdoor activities.   
  • Water Usage – We achieved 38% reduction in potable water usage in toilets, faucets and showers and 68% reduction in potable water used for landscaping.   
  • Energy Consumption – 26% less energy usage than the code minimum building requirements.
  • Construction Waste – 79% of all construction waste was diverted from landfills and recycled.
  • Electric Charging Stations – 21 parking stalls are equipped with charging stations to accommodate residents with electric vehicles.
  • Urban Heat Island Reduction – We used a white roof membrane, vegetated roof and light colored pavers to reduce heat gain and reduce the urban heat island effect.
  • Views – Large windows and floor to ceiling glass allowed the building to achieve 96% of all regularly occupied areas having access to exterior views.
  • Walkable Project Site – We received an innovation in design credit for incorporating design elements that promote walking, biking and other non-motorized transportation. Some of these features include wide sidewalks, no street parking, trees every 50 feet and an average of 80% of the façade having glass or doors along the ground level.     

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