Grant Highlights: December 2017 Opus Foundation Follow Ups


​The Opus Foundation® is dedicated to building community for a better tomorrow. In December 2017, the Foundation awarded over half a million dollars in Impact Fund grants to 15 nonprofit organizations. Following the completion of their programs, grantees submit a report showing the impact of the Foundation's giving. Below, you can read updates from three December 2017 grantees: Child Crisis Arizona, Clayton Century Foundation and Metro Caring.  

Child Crisis Arizona

Child Crisis Arizona first came to our attention as we worked on Longbow Business Center nearby. In December 2017, the Foundation awarded a $35,000 grant to support their Early Literacy & Technology Learning Area in the Phoenix Early Education Learning Center.

In addition to improving literacy-specific skills, “the children have also learned socio-emotional lessons related to self-regulation/planning through day-to-day routines," according to the nonprofit's final report. Children use the area twice a week, and their parents were trained on the usage of the area as well to conduct early literacy activities at home. The presence of the area and its “Question of the Day" have served as a connection point for children and their parents, and it has become one of the children's favorite activities.   

Read about the grant in the 2017 Opus Foundation annual report on page 17.

Clayton Century Foundation – St. Louis   

Supporting community revitalization, the Opus Foundation awarded $50,000 to Clayton Century Foundation for the nonprofit's Clayton Family Center Nature Playground. Before this project, playground options in northwest Clayton, Mo., were limited. Now, with construction finalized, Clayton Century Foundation anticipates around 800 children and their families using the playground to improve physical health and environmental awareness.   

Read more about this grant in our blog post.  

Metro Caring – Denver

Metro Caring received a $40,000 grant for their Seeds for Success job training and readiness program. In 2018, they had 95 people enroll in the program. The participants took emotional intelligence classes, resume and cover letter writing classes and interview skills workshops and received job application help.   

Participants increased their employability and self-esteem, helping them feel more comfortable and empowered in their job search.   

The Opus Foundation is building community for a better tomorrow by supporting projects and programs that make our communities better places to live, work and raise families through grants to nonprofit organizations in the areas of early childhood education, youth development, workforce development, community revitalization and pressing/emerging needs. Read more about the Foundation's work.

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