Maximizing Success on Any Building Project


​Leveraging In-House Expertise & Collaboration to Deliver Value

Over six plus decades, Opus has built a solid reputation for delivering successful projects for a diverse portfolio of clients. As our company has evolved, our associates have mastered new project types and expanded our portfolio. Today, our team consistently mitigates risk and maximizes success on each project – even on new project types.

How do we do it? Collaboration. Our in-house team of development, design and construction pros work together project after project. That team continuity is a huge asset that delivers uber efficiency, effectiveness and value for our clients.

Just one example of our ability to take on new project types are heavy manufacturing facilities. We have deep expertise in industrial real estate, and we've leveraged this expertise to tackle the specifications unique to heavy manufacturing. Check out our white paper to see project examples and learn more about how we've delivered them.