Nick Lauters: Working Collaboratively to Deliver on Client Expectations


​With a multidisciplinary, one-team approach to project delivery, we simplify would-be complex processes for our clients. One way we do so is by providing each client with a point of contact from initial design, through construction and all the way through to completion. Nick Lauters, senior project manager in our Denver office, has proven to be successful at working closely with our clients, keeping their needs and vision in mind. 

To ensure projects are successful and completed as promised, Nick collaborates closely with clients, the real estate development team, the design team, field associates and subcontractors. “Clients really appreciate having a single point person from the day their project begins, until the time we hand the keys over to them," said Nick. “We make it as easy as possible for our clients, managing projects and working through potential issues to get to the goal line for a successful outcome."

From Cornfields to Rocky Mountains

Nick grew up in Iowa and attended Iowa State University. “I was attracted to the engineering program because I liked numbers, math problems and critical thinking," he said. “At first, I wasn't sure if I wanted to pursue a degree in civil or construction engineering. Once I started taking classes and talking to people, I realized that construction engineering, and eventually construction management, was what I wanted to do." 

After completing his degree in construction engineering and an internship, Nick joined our team as an associate project manager 12 years ago. In his first year, he was part of the team delivering the high-profile U.S. EPA Region 8 Headquarters in Denver, and then he managed several larger tenant improvement projects. 

Six years later, Nick was promoted to project manager, and in 2017, he moved into his current role as a senior project manager. He and his team manage every stage of the project — from pursuit to design, construction and project activation. “Opus has given me the opportunity to move from executing single projects on my own, to leading teams through multiple complicated projects from start to finish, which is as rewarding as it is challenging," he said.

In addition to projects in the Denver area, Nick has worked on projects in the Phoenix, Minneapolis and Omaha markets. “Very seldom are any two days the same in my job. The work is interesting, varied and challenging with all the different project types and people I work with."

Client Focused, Regardless of the Need

The flexibility of our project delivery capabilities is unique. We can do everything in house, or if clients prefer, we will work with outside development and design teams. “We are truly flexible and will work with clients to deliver projects on their terms." 

Our culture is also focused on delivering projects that support clients' visions in a straightforward, honest manner. “We work hard to ensure client satisfaction, and we are always working toward that common goal together," he said.  “We serve clients in a way we believe is above and beyond what other companies can provide."

Not only is our team client focused but so are individual team members. “Nick is always looking for ways to meet or exceed our clients' expectations," said his manager Jim Erwin, regional vice president for Opus Design Build, L.L.C.  “He treats each project as if it was his own personal venture. He demonstrates a level of concern and thoughtfulness that quickly earns clients' trust. He understands that client satisfaction is what drives our business."


A member of the U.S. Green Building Council, Nick is a LEED Accredited Professional. He is also a board member for Denver Urban Scholars, which partners with low-income, high-performing Denver metro-area schools to facilitate college and career success for young people. 

Learn more about Nick and see his project list. 

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