Taking on the Challenge: Keeping an Organization Operational During Construction


​The Challenge

After addressing how to build a luxury student housing complex on top of an existing building, the team next had to address how to work around Pizza House’s schedule to allow it to remain open and safe at all times but also to keep construction on schedule.

Our Solution

This is a challenge we’ve faced before. Whether it was keeping a business running or maintaining a proper educational atmosphere while expanding a building, we have extensive experience in coordinating not only our schedule but also our client’s schedule and needs.   

By remaining flexible and communicating frequently, we handled things like closing only the necessary sections of the restaurant as we swung steel and precast concrete above (by OSHA regulation, no one is allowed below a “fall zone”) and coordinated our schedule closely with Dennis Tice as we progressed with the project. Additionally, we worked with them to manage construction activity when his restaurant needed the routine deliveries that allow it to remain functional.

Client Response

“I run an extremely busy restaurant business, and I lost sleep for two years thinking about how we were going to stay open during construction. We were three quarters through the project before I sat back and realized it was almost over, and I couldn’t believe how smoothly it had gone.”

Dennis Tice
Pizza House Restaurant