Using Best Practices to Manage Quality


​In past posts we have told you about two key responsibilities in building a design-build project—safety and managing the timeline. Today, I’d like to wrap up by talking about managing quality assurance and quality control, the third key responsibility. By managing quality throughout the project, our teams avoid costly mistakes.

Drawing on best practices from past experiences, our project managers use detailed quality assurance checklists during pre-construction, construction and after completion of every activity to ensure they don’t miss a thing.

For example, Pat Rumpza, an associate project manager working on The Nic on Fifth®, spends three days a week at The Nic job site checking self-performed and subcontracted work. He uses checklists that have been developed over time to help him make sure things are done appropriately. Not only is it a great way to ensure quality, it’s also a great way for Pat to learn about the entire process.

With careful management, the construction process goes smoothly. With our highly collaborative approach, problems that arise can be solved quickly because we have direct lines of contact to all necessary parties.