Opus Client Direct Services Respectfully Delivers Sacred Spaces to Ascension

​With a facility built in 1901, Ascension Church needed some updates to make the worship and education spaces more efficient and appealing to its congregation, students, staff and faculty. They turned to Opus Design Build, L.L.C.’s Client Direct Services team to complete this important and sacred work.

With deep expertise in design-build work on both worship and education spaces for religious communities and schools across the country, Opus offers the care and knowledge Ascension needed to rework their sacred spaces. Opus began work on two overlapping phases in January 2016 and finished that November. Respecting the importance of the spaces and Ascension’s needs and operations throughout the project, Opus showed their deep commitment to Ascension’s mission, goals and purpose.

The renovation of Ascension Church, a 19,000-square-foot, two-story brick and steel structure with 19,000 square feet of finished space, included replacing the drain tile, plumbing system and concrete slab floor in the basement and the conditioned and relief air system in the sanctuary. On the interior, the team provided the following:

  • a new vestibule with an elevator and new stained glass window,
  • professional off-site restoration of some statuary and decorative lighting,
  • new flooring,
  • repaired plaster walls and fresh decorative paint,
  • restoration of the main alter area, and
  • the installation of a new mural in the dome above the alter.

Throughout both phases, Opus installed new landscaping and irrigation in all planting areas, which surround the church, club and school. Opus also replaced the roof and gutters and refreshed the exterior brick and stone.