Advantages of Design-Build vs. Design-Bid-Build


“As a design-builder, we have the ability to manage the design process in tandem with cost, schedule and quality expectations to deliver the desired result. When you split up the team, you lose the ability to influence both the design and construction operations in the same way."

Jeff Smith
Regional Vice President of Construction
​ Choosing the project delivery method is one of the most important decisions clients/owners and developers make on building projects. The two most common delivery methods — design-build and design-bid-build — offer different relationships and levels of accountability.

Client/owners can significantly increase the value of their project by understanding the differences and risks involved and making the right choice to meet their goals.

Decades of research consistently show the benefits of design-build compared to design-bid-build, including the following from the Design-Build Institute of America:

  • 102% faster
  • 3.8% lower growth in costs
  • 36% faster construction speed
  • 1.7% less growth in schedule
Check out our white paper to see how design-build benefits clients.​

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