Delivering Long-Term Value with our Design-Build Approach

While every project comes with different specs and goals, our team approaches each with the intent to deliver on our clients' objectives with maximum value. “Value" has different meanings based on clients' priorities and goals. To us, however, it means delivering on-time and on-budget as well as applying our expertise to make the project experience for clients and the buildings even better than they imagined.

Integrated Team Supports Project Success

Our one team design-build approach is integral to delivering this value, which is especially effective for quick-turn, complex projects, like Andersen Corporation's build-to-suit facility in Goodyear, Ariz. The premier window and door manufacturer enlisted our full team – development, design, engineering and construction project management – for the 540,350-square-foot manufacturing facility. With a single entity (us) responsible for every stage of the process, Andersen was assured its vision, needs, timeline and budget were met and the experience was as smooth and stress-free as possible.

“They had a common goal of supporting us in our journey to get this facility built," said Dan Hinrichs, Director of Facilities for Andersen. “Their knowledge of Andersen, how we operate, what's important to us, our values, our vision – I think that paid dividends when we planned and designed and constructed this facility. Every individual throughout every aspect of their organization was focused on satisfying Andersen. And I think they more than delivered."

Adaptability Without Compromising Timely Delivery

Andersen's timeline for the project was just 11 months from start to finish, leaving little room for unexpected delays due to scheduling issues or design changes.

Nick Lauters, Project Executive, said, “It was really essential to have the construction, design and development under one roof; we needed to have a collaborative approach in order to deliver this project to the Andersen team to make sure that they could be up and running when they needed to be."

That flexibility was critical to Andersen as it embarked on its first build-to-suit facility in its 100-year history.

“With that integrated approach, we were able to literally shave weeks and weeks off of our schedule," said Linda Larson, Director, Real Estate and Administrative Facilities for Andersen. “By having design continue while we were doing the site work, while we were getting the footings and foundations in place – we were designing as we were constructing."

Foundation for a Long-Term Partnership

Our team successfully delivered Andersen's Goodyear facility within the client's timeline and budget and more importantly, forged a close partnership with Andersen that delivered long-term value. So much so that shortly thereafter, Andersen engaged Opus to design and build its Renewal by Andersen Value Add Center in Cottage Grove, Minn.

“We wanted a world-class facility, we wanted speed, we wanted the facility to be something the community could stand behind and recognize as our brand – and they delivered that," said Jim Moulton, Vice President and General Manager of West Operations for Andersen. “At the end of this project, when you have somebody you can trust because they've met all of your needs, it comes with a high recommendation."

Jay Lund, Chairman & CEO of Andersen Corporation, agreed, “There was a spirit of partnership from the very beginning and all the way through the process and it occurred at every level between our organizations. They're just exceptional partners."