Driven to Deliver: Kansas City Project Manager Megan Garner


​At Opus, we state our mission in terms of our clients' goals because they are at the center of everything we do. It's not just what we do, it's who we are. We are driven to exceed your expectations and empower your mission through the buildings we deliver. Our committed associates are critical to our ability to deliver for you.

Working out of our Kansas City office, Megan Garner​ is a project manager who joined our team in 2012 after graduating from Marquette University. Megan oversees all aspects of the construction process from design, estimating, scheduling, procurement, subcontractor management and financial reporting through project completion and activation. Read on to learn how Megan is Driven to Deliver™.

How are you Driven to Deliver? How do you exude the mission?

I am driven to deliver because it gives me a great sense of pride to have such a tangible reminder of all of the hard work put into each of the projects I am a part of. Driving by a building that I helped make a reality gives me a great level of satisfaction.

Describe a time you worked on a project that would help the client achieve their business goals.

I had the privilege of working on a new headquarters office in St. Louis County. Our client's top priority is safety, and it was important to them that the construction of their new building incorporated their safety goals.  It was great to have the opportunity to partner with a client whose top priority aligns with ours. By safely delivering the project (no accidents or lost time), we were able to achieve their top business goal.  

What does our mission mean to you?

Our mission gives me motivation to put my best foot forward on every project. We want to exceed expectations and empower our clients' missions. That takes a certain level of care and commitment on each project, and I strive to achieve that every day.


At Opus, we are an integrated team working together, inspired by your mission in order to deliver on ours. We are committed to collaborating to deliver your vision, exceed your expectations and bring unparalleled value throughout your entire experience with us so that we can not only earn your business in the short term, but earn your trust for the long term. See our Mission at Work.