Investing in Humankind – Brick by Brick: United Way Campaign 2016


​We are Driven to Deliver™ -- and that goes beyond our projects to deliver value in the broader community. Our team and United Way share a long-standing partnership, and our associates have a strong history of volunteering their time, talents and resources to help support and continue building our local communities. I’m excited to chair this year’s campaign with Nick Murnane.

This year we’re "Investing in Humankind – Brick by Brick". "Investing in Humankind" is the United Way national campaign and reinforces that our contributions are investments in kindness and support for humanity. We've added "Brick by Brick" to align it with the work we do and as a great reminder that much like bricks in a building, our contributions of time, talents and resources are individual building blocks that add up to an even greater collective good.

Associate participation has always been remarkable, having contributed over $750,000 cumulatively over the past five years, and we are looking forward to another successful campaign this year. These funds have made a difference in the communities where we live and work, including providing housing services for people who are homeless or at risk of homelessness, ensuring that children are fully prepared for kindergarten or age-appropriate in development and providing health care access for uninsured people.

We're in the business of building, so we know that it takes time, talent and resource to build great things, including communities. We look forward to working together to build great communities—brick by brick.

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