Managing the Schedule to Ensure a Successful Project


​Previously, we told you about our approach to safety, our number one responsibility on the site. Today, I’d like to talk about the second key responsibility in constructing a design-build project: managing the schedule.

One of the benefits of our design-build approach is faster delivery. We condense project schedules by establishing a price early and starting construction during the construction documents phase before design is 100% complete. (Read about our phases here.) We’re able to do this because we recognize that final decisions on finishes (e.g., the color of the carpet) aren’t needed to start construction on the structure and foundation.

Of course, this all requires careful timeline management and close coordination between the office and the field even before the first piece of equipment is moved onto the site. Once construction begins, the team continues this coordination to ensure all milestones are met. Project managers track progress carefully to make sure everything is on schedule.

Throughout the years, we’ve found the following components have proven to be our keys to success in construction:

  • good communication
  • proactively anticipating problems
  • working with proven subcontractors
  • using best practices and
  • working as an integrated team

Look forward to a blog post in the coming days where I share the third key responsibility in constructing a design-build project: managing quality control and quality assurance.