Opus Meets Every Objective & Aggressive Timeline for Andersen Facility


The Project: Andersen Goodyear Manufacturing Facility

Andersen Corporation's Goodyear, Ariz., manufacturing facility is a 540-350-square-foot building that encompasses the entire production process – assembly, storage and distribution – for the company's 100 Series product line. Built in 2019, it is the premier window and door manufacturer's first facility outside the Midwest.

Andersen chose Opus to develop, design and build the world-class facility. It showcases the Andersen brand and products while reinforcing the company's commitment to employees with desired amenities like mothers' rooms, prayer rooms, meditation rooms and foot-washing stations.

It has been integral to meeting the growing demand for Andersen's products in the western region of the U.S.

The Challenges

In the competitive window and door industry, lead times can make or break sales and long-term relationships with builders. As demand increased for Andersen's 100 Series products, the company realized a new facility in the western U.S. would increase production volume and reduce shipping times compared to producing and shipping products from its plants in the Midwest. Once the decision was made to build, Andersen needed to expedite the process.

The Opus team first met with Andersen to discuss the project in May 2018. Andersen expressed the desire to take occupancy by December 2019. They also wanted the state-of-the-art building to feature interior and exterior design elements that made it easily identifiable as Andersen's. With no preliminary designs and significant entitlement and planning work to be done with the City of Goodyear, the 18-month timeline was challenging.

The Solutions

The Opus team quickly went to work, enlisting all key stakeholders from Andersen, the City of Goodyear and subcontractors in a focused planning effort to create a detailed and fluid project plan with deadlines.

“We were basically starting from scratch about 18 months before we had to deliver the building to Andersen," said Nick Lauters, Project Executive for Opus.

Integral to the project's success was working collaboratively with the City of Goodyear. 

“The city was helpful and responsive from start to finish, despite being stretched thin by booming development in the area," said Lauters.

Various stakeholders were in constant communication from the beginning. The project plan was assessed and reassessed as Andersen mapped their needs. Flexibility was key to reaching key milestones throughout the process.

“It was extremely important to have everybody engaged and in lockstep throughout the entire process, from the very beginning of the design process to the end when we handed over the keys to Andersen," said Lauters. “It was a very rewarding process. Everyone involved was invested in the project and wanted it to be successful."

The Results

Opus delivered the building on-time, meeting every criteria Andersen had envisioned. Opus also negotiated and obtained a temporary occupancy permit allowing Andersen to move equipment in prior to the completion of the building.

“We had equipment coming in from overseas that we wanted to try to get in the building as soon as possible," said Mike Steen, Maintenance Manager for Andersen. “It was already in the states, so Opus was very good about allowing us to get in the building early, actually before it was even complete. They never said no to anything."

Integrated throughout the office space, training center and employee common spaces, Andersen's products and brand convey innovation, pride and the corporate values. Amenities reinforce the company's commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion and help Andersen compete for employees in a tight job market.

“The entire team of Opus and Andersen really gelled and had outstanding chemistry, which created something very special in Goodyear," said Jim Moulton, Andersen's Vice President and General Manager of West Operations. “It is more than a building – it's a product of passionate people doing what they love to do and leaders knowing how to help bring it all together. The building and site meet every one of our objectives, and Opus should be proud."

“There was a spirit of partnership from the very beginning and all the way through the process and it occurred at every level between organizations," said Jay Lund, Chairman & CEO of Andersen. “They're just exceptional partners."

With its Goodyear facility at full production, Andersen now has capacity to accommodate years of growth. Based on their experience working with Opus in Goodyear, shortly thereafter Andersen enlisted Opus to design and build the Renewal by Andersen Value Add Center​ in Cottage Grove, Minn.​