Single Point of Responsibility & Integrated Design Build Cross the Divide


​A single point of responsibility is a key advantage of our truly-integrated design-build model. With a single point of responsibility, you save time and gain efficiencies working with one point of contact throughout your project. With some projects, this can even mean closing an international divide.

Take our recent work with King Shan. With the client in Taiwan, communication was more of a challenge than with a domestic client. The team had to wait for answers as their contacts were asleep while we worked and vice versa. With our design team in-house, we were able to provide new design iterations and gather reviews and approval by all necessary team members quickly, keeping the project on schedule.

Further, with this communications gap, working with one company who managed all aspects of the project allowed the client to focus on their business, not on translating messages from multiple contacts.

If our design-build model could tackle this challenge, imagine what it can do for you!

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