Top 5 Benefits of Our Team’s Ability to Respond Quickly

Amidst fast growth, Freightquote needed a 200,000-square-foot headquarters office in suburban Kansas City, Mo. And they needed it fast. 

Although others in the commercial real estate industry claimed it wasn't possible, we committed to the tight timeline. Despite uncharacteristically severe winter and spring weather, including two blizzards and 17 days of rain delay, we completed the project on time – in just 290 days.

“Opus was able to commit to our rigid deadline when no one else could," said Tim Barton, then Executive Chairman & President of Freightquote. “Their integrated approach allowed them to fast-track the project so we could move into our new 200,000-square-foot headquarters in nine months."

Success doesn't just happen; we make it happen through hard work, collaboration and a shared goal: your goal.

Whether it's delivering a new project or addressing a unique challenge, our fully-integrated team of in-house, multidisciplinary experts can make it happen quickly.

You Benefit from a Truly-Integrated Team

As Freightquote and many other clients have learned, you'll benefit from the quick response enabled by our model in a variety of ways, including:    

  • Better Pricing. Working in tandem with our developers and designers, our project managers quickly establish a guaranteed maximum price earlier than other models. You benefit from overall better pricing and the ability to identify value adds for your project.
  • Take Occupancy Sooner. With the ability to begin construction earlier and delivering on compressed timelines, you'll be able to take occupancy of your building sooner. This allows for an earlier return on investment, whether that's making your product in a manufacturing facility, delivering high-quality education, leasing up apartments or managing your business in a corporate HQ.
  • Better Sites. In addition to owning or having control of great sites, we can respond quickly to grab the ideal site for you. Depending on your business, the ideal location can deliver many direct and indirect benefits.
  • A Seamless, Efficient Process. From the beginning of the project through activation, we assign a knowledgeable project manager to be your point of contact. Additionally, with a design-build contract, we manage the work and risk of the designers, consultants, vendors and subcontractors for you.
  • Certainty of Outcome. Working as one collaborative team, we're going to deliver a building that looks and functions as designed on time and on budget.
How Do We Do It? It's pretty amazing, but it isn't impossible. We've done it time and again on projects for clients across diverse sectors. Our model makes it possible, specifically:

  • local market expertise
  • fully-integrated, multidisciplinary, in-house team
  • single point of responsibility
  • assuming the risk for the client

Our design-build model is a unique approach that takes your project to the next level, with a process that ensures meaningful collaboration between all roles, elevating the entire project delivery experience. This integrated approach allows the whole team to quickly review options and proactively address potential issues without slowing the process to generate new drawings and cost bids.

For clients, our proven design-build model translates to certainty of delivery on accelerated timelines. With all key disciplines housed under one roof, we are an integrated team that collaborates – both as a team and with the customer – and mobilizes quickly.


Learn more about our unique design-build model.

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