Responding Quickly: Delivering Success for Varied Projects


​Success doesn't just happen; we make it happen through hard work, collaboration and a shared goal: your goal. Whether it's delivering a new project or addressing a unique challenge, our fully-integrated team of in-house, multidisciplinary experts can make it happen quickly.

Across sectors, our clients and projects benefit from the quick response enabled by our model. 

Check out these examples of the results delivered from our ability to respond quickly: 

We certainly deliver a lot of industrial projects quickly , but our model works beyond industrial. Take on-campus student living. We completed a residence hall for Iowa State University with everything they wanted and more—for over $1 million less than their target budget. Our solution added 12% more beds than ISU's minimum requirement at a cost per bed that was up to 45% lower than that of similar public university residence hall projects. We also delivered the project on a tight schedule, allowing ISU to fill the rooms and begin recouping their investment as quickly as possible.

When the City of Westminster (Colo.) wanted to transform their downtown into the next urban center on Colorado's Front Range, their first ground-up project was a parking garage. Specifically looking for a design-build approach, they selected us as a partner. With our holistic, client-centered model, we were able to quickly find solutions to the challenges of the site and the vision for the project. 

The City pointed to our proactive approach – enabled by our multidisciplinary, in-house expertise – was crucial. “Opus brought in an exceptional team that has been forward thinking and identifying issues before they arise," said John Burke, P.E., Downtown Westminster's Development & Construction Manager “This design-build process is really indicative of our overall vision for the new downtown – thoughtful and deliberate, with our eye always on sustainability. They have truly taken ownership of the project and are on track with budget and schedule." 

That proactivity that benefitted the City is part of why we can respond so quickly and deliver quickly. As they work together, our multidisciplinary experts share insights and identify challenges and opportunities to address them. And when someone comes up on a project, we can get together quickly to address it. 

The Loden, a luxury multifamily development in Edina, Minn., found quick success with an integrated team. 

“Being able to collaborate as one team with the various stakeholders enables us to move the entire process along more quickly and swiftly, while delivering as many stakeholder requests as possible," Jay Fourniea, Senior Manager of Design Architecture, said about the success of the project. “That consistent feedback loop with all entities working together makes us efficient and often speeds up delivery for clients." 

All these efficiencies contributed to a compressed schedule for the Loden. The building was completed on time in May 2018, despite a 14" snowfall in mid-April. 


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