Transforming Spaces with Creative Solutions


​We are creative problem solvers at Opus. Our proven track record and diverse portfolio speak volumes with the millions of square feet we've transformed into meaningful space that's both efficient and beautiful.

We credit much of our success to our Opus DB3™ approach to design-build. Within Opus DB3 our team includes all the key players – design, project management and construction working together. Because we share the same goals and work at the same company for the same clients, we excel at delivering buildings that often exceed their expectations. 

With all the players in the room from day one, we make great design and well-built buildings look easy. Truth is, it's not easy. It's simply efficient because our diverse team brings multiple perspectives from different angles to arrive at the best design that satisfied our client's needs. And sometimes it's surprising who suggests the various creative solutions. For example, while it may be a design factor, our construction superintendents in the field have been known to present ideas that send us down different paths than we expected, and often it's exactly what the client wants. 

Our team is comfortable brainstorming together. We take a broad approach and believe there's no such thing as a bad idea when designing a space for a client. By having more people involved, we can better interpret the client's needs and concerns. And our team is good at it. We have people from every aspect of the project observing the client's reactions, looking for those glimmers of excitement in their eyes. This is how we connect with clients to arrive at thoughtful designs they love. 

Listening carefully to the client's ideas and space requirements is paramount. But we go beyond listening – we ask the right questions and are skilled at listening between the lines to understand what they really want, or what problems a thoughtful design can address for them. And because we are one team, we control not only the aesthetics and function of the building, but the budget and schedule too. 

In the end, the buildings belong to our clients. Our job is to give each building a distinct and powerful design voice that supports the client's goals and vision for the future. 

Check out some projects that have used creative solutions to meet the need:

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Twin Cities Pediatric Clinic Tenant Improvement