Opus Helps American Express Financial Adisors Reach New Heights

Located in downtown Minneapolis, this office building, now known as  Ameriprise Financial Center, was the local corporate headquarters for American Express Financial Advisors.

The Opus team was selected to complete this build-to-suit facility based on its previous experience in office space development and proven design-build construction process. Tasked to create an efficient, high-tech, high-quality, corporate headquarters building that would fit into the downtown skyline, Opus acted as both the developer and design-builder.

The architectural design of the building uses form and materials to create a simple yet elegant statement for this facility. The building is clad with polished and thermal-finished Rockville Beige granite with green tinted glass and blue-green spandrel panels.

The 30-story building includes 35,000 square-foot floors, 10-foot ceilings and indirect lighting. Additional features include:
  • an employee cafeteria,
  • a conference facility and
  • a technology center that serves as the voice and data communications hub for the building.
The office space development is also connected to the Minneapolis skyway system, allowing for easy access to shops and restaurants downtown.