Anna Bode: Passionately Creating Community within the Twin Cities and Opus

“Hands down, Opus attracts and retains the best talent in the industry," said Anna Bode. “Everyone here is at the top of their field and very passionate about the work we are doing. I feel so fortunate to be surrounded by them."

Anna joined our Minneapolis​ development team in December 2019. As a Real Estate Representative, she supports all phases of the development process, from land acquisition and due diligence to project completion, lease-up and disposition. This involves working closely with architects, designers, construction project managers, subcontractors and property managers.

Our in-house approach to development, design and construction is a great fit for Anna, who regularly seeks out new experiences and opportunities to learn.

Her manager, Nick Murnane, Senior Director of Real Estate Development, concurs. “Anna never passes up an opportunity to expand her knowledge. She's brave and enthusiastic, taking on multiple responsibilities at both the project and company level. It has been very rewarding to see her grow over the past two years."

Destined for Real Estate

Anna was exposed to real estate at a young age, since her father and his siblings are residential realtors and developers.

“My dad grew up on a farm and has always had an appreciation for land and its history," Anna recalled. “He passed that on to me as a kid as we would always take the 'long way' no matter where we went. Before you know it, we would be driving through rural Minnesota for hours on end. We would listen to his stories and vision for what the land could evolve into someday. Through his hard work and persistence, I've been able to see his visions become a reality. It really inspired me and still does to this day."

“My dad told me many times, 'There's always going to be a need for real estate – you live work and shop in real estate. It's not something that will go away.'"

While she was in college working toward a degree in marketing, her father encouraged her to get her real estate license.

“His words had an effect on me, and here I am," she said.

From Broker to Developer

After college and prior to joining Opus, Anna worked for CBRE for almost four years. She started as a marketing intern in college, moved into an analyst position and was ultimately promoted to office broker, where she marketed five million square feet of office space in the Twin Cities.

“Being a broker really taught me how to work hard and fast," she said. “I learned a lot about how to be client-centric, how to communicate and ask questions – and how to learn from your mistakes. It also taught me the value of being part of a great team. I think when you're surrounded by good people, you can do anything."

While working at CBRE, Anna forged valuable relationships in the Twin Cities' tight-knit real estate industry – relationships that ultimately led her to Opus and a career in development.

Anna gets excited about shaping the future of the built environment and contributing to projects the community needs.

“Real estate is so cool because the end result is something you can see, touch and walk into," she said. “It's super rewarding at Opus because we do everything – from finding the site, to creating a design concept, to constructing a beautiful building that people can enjoy."

Collaboration Despite COVID

Anna was relatively new to Opus when the pandemic started in early 2020. If associates could, they worked from home.  

“It was really hard not being able to work side-by-side with people, especially since I was new to the job," she said.

But that didn't deter her.

Anna applied her people skills and desire to learn in ways that would benefit Opus, her peers, her projects and herself. She connected with other associates new to their careers and formed the Young Developers Group at Opus. The group of about 10 associates meets monthly to discuss projects and activities in their markets and share best practices. They also invite special guests from other areas of the company to share various aspects of commercial real estate. For instance, Pete Conlon recently provided the group an overview and update on capital markets.

“Everyone seems to get a lot of value out of the meetings," she said. “We learn from each other by sharing what we're seeing in our respective markets. Ultimately it helps us improve and grow in our roles."

Anna also jumped at the opportunity to be co-chair of the Opus Women's Network, an internal group with the mission of empowering and fostering the development of women at Opus through connections, learning and advocacy.

Another challenge during her first year was also related to COVID. The effects of the pandemic threatened to delay projects, like Vesi North Loop Apartments in Minneapolis – Anna's first project.

“I joined Opus during the last 10 months of construction – really the tail end of the project," she said. “Safety is paramount at Opus and COVID protocols were strict at Vesi and all Opus jobsites."

She recalled, “To keep subcontractors safe, we didn't want them crossing paths while working. They had to be on separate floors, in separate units, using separate materials and separate tools. It was a logistical challenge for sure, but the onsite team did a great job managing it and the building was delivered as promised."

Anna appreciates the value of a good team and works hard to contribute in meaningful ways. According to her manager Nick, “Anna has been a great addition to the development team. Her ability to manage multiple project disciplines combined with her collaborative, open approach contributes greatly to delivering successful projects for our clients and partners."


Anna is a member of NAIOP, the Commercial Real Estate Development Association; the Minnesota Commercial Association of Realtors; and the Urban Land Institute. She and her husband volunteer for Big Brothers/Big Sisters Twin Cities.

She received her Bachelor of Arts in Marketing Management and a minor in Communications from the University St. Thomas and has her real estate license.


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