Event for New Associates Builds Culture & Fosters Collaboration

In late September, 73 new Opus associates gathered in Minneapolis for an in-person conference we call Building Team Opus.

Before the COVID 19 pandemic, Building Team Opus was an annual event for new associates, but this bigger-than-ever class comprised those who started from late 2019 through September 2022.

Building Team Opus's purpose is to encourage collaboration and a positive culture. A friendly, safe, collaborative and productive team is key to how we work. “This was born out of trying to make sure associates received a consistent onboarding," said Christine LaMott, Manager of Human Resources. “As things do, it has evolved over time."

Now, Building Team Opus is no longer considered onboarding.

“Onboarding is more job-specific," Christine continued. “At Building Team Opus, we are forming a community. Onboarding is a skill set learned. Building Team Opus is about fostering culture and collaboration. Our associates get the opportunity to know the business not just their job. Not all companies spend time and effort doing this, and it's essential to helping associates feel valued."

The day-and-a-half event spread from our headquarters office to a local country club. New associates met the office on the first day. They participated in a meet and greet and tour of the office and an introduction to the various groups housed there. Then during a full day, leaders across the company spoke about Safety First, our history and legacy, how a project comes together, ESG, DEI and philanthropy.

A consistent highlight of the event is the President's Panel. Tim Murnane, Dave Menke, Tom Becker and Dean Newins talked about their careers, Opus, leadership, success and more. For new associates spread throughout different offices, hearing from and interacting with our leaders is a memorable experience that makes them feel more connected to and valued by the organization.

A True Investment in Associates from Associates

An event like this takes a lot of people – from those minding the details and putting the event together to those presenting at the event. All told, it took about 30 associates. The resource investment isn't insignificant. But this allows new associates to know the business, not just their job.

“Not all companies spend time and effort doing this," Christine said. “We believe it's essential to our associates, our collaborative model and showing associates they are valued."

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